Dr. Tobias Bolch
Group Leader
Tel:     0044 (0)1334 46 4024
Email: tobias.bolch@st-andrews.ac.uk
Dr. Owen King
Tel:     0041 (0)44 63 55157
Email: ogak1@st-andrews.ac.uk
Ella Wood
PhD candidate
Email: efw5@st-andrews.ac.uk
Dr. Daniel Falaschi
Research Fellow
Email: df71@st-andrews.ac.uk
External Affiliates
Dr. Atanu Bhattacharya
Department of Remote Sensing & GIS, JIS University, Kolcata, India
Email: atanudeq@gmail.com
Dr. Kriti Mukherjee
Cransfield University
Email: riti.Mukherjee@cransfield.ac.uk
Dr. Gregoire Guillet
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Email: gguillet@uw.edu
Dr. Sonam Wanchuk
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty of Science, Earth and Climate Climate and Ecosystem Change Group
Tel: +31 (0) 644 028 739

Email: s.wangchuk@vu.n
Dr. Sajid Ghuffar
Department of Space Science Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan

Email: sajid.ghuffar@grel.ist.edu.pk
Ryan Strickland
PhD student

Department of Geosciences
University of Arkanas, USA

Email: rmstrick@uark.edu
Former Master and PhD-Students, Members & Guest Scientists
Prof. Guoqing Zhang
now at: ITPCAS - Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Email: guoqing.zhang@itpcas.ac.cn
Dr. Ben Robson
now at: University of Bergen, Norway

Email: Benjamin.Robson@uib.no
Jan Bouke Pronk
now at: Eneco Energy Trade B.V. Rotterdam, NL
Tel:     0031 (0)61 11 26304
Email: janboukepronk@gmail.com
Dr. Xu Wang
Email: jorrywangxu@hotmail.com
Dr. Nico Mölg
now at: ENVEO GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria
Email: Nico.Moelg@eawag.ch
Dr. Philipp Rastner
Email: philipp.rastner@geo.uzh.ch
Dr. Simon Allen
now at: University of Zurich
Email: simon.allen@geo.uzh.ch
Juliane Peters
Email: jule_sn@freenet.de
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