Central and Eastern Himalaya 2017-2019

Central and Eastern Himalaya 2017-2019

This dataset contains the median glacier surface velocity for the Central and Eastern Himalaya glacier velocities 2017-2019 (Sentinel 2). The velocities have been obtained by feature-tracking of November Sentinel 2 images spaced 1 year apart.

The folder contains the following fields at 80 m resolution in GeoTiff format:

the velocity magnitude 'vel' (meters per year)
the x/y velocity components x_vel/y_vel (meters per year)
the associated errors err, x_err, y_err (meters per year)
the median absolute deviation of all the merged velocities 'MAD' (meters per year)
the number of image pairs that have been merged in the median

I recommend filtering data with error larger than 5 m/yr.

Metadata Properties

CRS EPSG:32645 - WGS 84 / UTM zone 45N - Projected
Extent 9425.6070999999992637,3045085.1858000000938773 : 883803.9936000000452623,3368628.0986000001430511
Unit meters
Width 11192
Height 3981
Data type Float32 - Thirty two bit floating point


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