Subdivision of High Mountain Asia

Subdivision of High Mountain Asia

This data set provides a subdivision of High Mountain Asia into 24 of glacierised
mountain regions.

Manual delineation based using Landsat satellite images and the SRTM-3 DEM under
consideration of exiting literature and local scientists.

References: Bolch, T., Shea, J. M., Liu, S.Y., Azam, F. M., Yang, G., Gruber, S., Immerzeel, W.
W., Kulkarni, A., Li, H.L., Tahir, A. A., Zhang, G.Q., Zhang, Y.S. (2019): Status and
Change of the Cryosphere in the Extended Hindu Kush Himalaya Region. In: P.
Wester et al. (eds.), The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment, Springer Nature. 209-
255. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-92288-1_7.

When using this dataset, please cite the above reference (Bolch et al. 2019).

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