Subdivision of the Himalaya/Karakorum

Subdivision of the Himalaya/Karakorum

This data set provides a subdivision of the Himalaya-Karakorum into four subregions.

Manual delineation based using Landsat satellite images and the SRTM-3 DEM under
consideration of exiting literature and local scientists.

References: Bolch, T., Kulkarni, A., Kääb, A., Huggel, C., Paul, F., Cogley, G., Frey, H., Kargel,
J.S., Fujita, K., Scheel, M., Bajracharya, S., Stoffel, M. (2012): The state and fate of
Himalayan glaciers. Science 336(6079), 310–314. doi: 10.1126/science.1215828

When using this dataset, please cite the above reference (Bolch et al. 2012).

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